Video Guided Workflow – a new approach to user adoption

The Exaltive team is very excited to introduce a new technology and use case for interactive video; we call it “Video Guided Workflow.”

Video Guided Workflow – a new approach to user adoption

Exaltive has always focused on business use case. Our initial release introduced our core technology platform, including an interactive player, design tools, analytics, and a video content management system.

Now we have expanded to allow our customers to embed their own application functionality into a video. The result is a Video Guided Workflow that can be used in an application to help new users easily complete first time processes, such as registration, setup, training, etc.

Video Guided Workflows allow a new approach to user adoption. In a single screen you can inform and inspire users while collecting information through in-video user input forms.

Exaltive can work with existing HTML5 web controls without the need to create data integrations, or replicate interfaces or business logic. You simply embed the Exaltive video on an application web page, and use Exaltive’s Toolset APIs to display your controls when they are needed in the video.

Did I mention this works on Mobile?
Video Guided Workflow works on desktops, tablets, but the power is most evident on smartphones, where each step is clearly explained on the small screen with motion, bold graphics and audio.  This enables use cases for mobile that would not be practical with the usual text and images used on bigger screens.

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