Exaltive Collaborates with Xebec Digital to Showcase a Personalized Interactive Video for The Gujarat Lions Fans

Experience the thrill and excitement of your favorite Gujarat Lions team on your fingertips, with a personalized interactive video- ‘Tribute to Fan’


Cricket is followed like a religion here in India, and the Indian Premier League (IPL) is another festival to celebrate and enjoy the sport. The IPL has come to a stage where social media plays a crucial role in delivering enthralling experience to the team fans. And, this is exactly why Exaltive and Xebec Digital collaborated to develop a Personalized Video for the Gujarat Lions fans- an innovative concept to make the fans a part of the team.

Exaltive developed the ‘Tribute to Fan’ video and added a personalization touch in the finest moments of the team and took fan engagement to a completely new level. The video showcases the highlights reel from the tournament which has carved the name of the Gujarat Lions in the history of cricket.

“We partnered with Xebec Digital which looks after the digital marketing of The Gujarat Lions for the innovative video. Videos are the new trend, but this technology takes the trend to a different level,” said Swati Ketkar, founder of Exaltive.

Keshav Bansal, owner of the Gujarat Lions team is the opening face of this video. Exaltive went a step ahead and embedded the fan name and photo from Facebook in the video, from here the 90-seconds video sends personalized messages to the fan. Fan engagement is at the highest with this first-of-its-kind interactivity feature.

“The interactive layers on the video enable viewers to watch match highlights, player statistics and key performances of the tournament within the same video through various annotations that appear on the screen, keeping the viewer constantly engaged,” added Ketkar.

Sowmya Iyer, CEO of Xebec Digital, the agency that handles the digital marketing for Gujarat Lions, said, “The idea was to interact with the fans and you know that you have done it best if you can interact one-to-one. It’s surely an overwhelming feeling for a viewer if a brand like Gujarat Lions addresses them with their name. That’s the feeling we want to leave our fans with. The video is expected to achieve record-breaking figures of reaching hundreds of thousands of passionate Gujarat Lions fans.”

“Our journey in the tournament has been a dream come true and none of this would have been possible without the fans. This was our way of telling the fans that the team belongs as much to them as it belongs to us,” said Keshav Bansal, the team owner.

Exaltive has focussed on the user engagement aspect through its video interactivity and personalisation feature. Social media interaction has taken a new dimension with personalized videos to interact about the latest happenings in the Gujarat Lions team.

Watch the Gujarat Lions ‘Tribute to Fan’ video on https://www.thegujaratlions.com/tribute-to-fans.html

For more information on Gujarat Lions, visit: https://www.thegujaratlions.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheGujaratLions
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheGujaratLions

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