Exaltive Introduces Interactive Video Guided Workflows to drive New User Onboarding

An immersive experience to increase user adoption success and reduce support costs.

FreMONT, CA, september 14, 2015

Exaltive Inc. announced the launch of its new interactive video workflow product today at an event hosted in its Fremont office. Video Guided Workflows increase new user adoption rates for software, products and services by merging user inputs with video on a single screen for a seamless experience that, informs, inspires and transacts. The result is lower support costs and increased conversion.

“New user adoption is the life blood of any cloud software or services company,” says Roger Woehl, Co-Founder and CEO of Exaltive, “Our aim was to radically improve effectiveness with an immersive user experience for completing the input forms needed for setups, registrations, introductions, etc. Video Guided Workflow achieves this with a clean, single-screen experience where a personalized and interactive video guides a user through in-video forms while reinforcing key brand messages.”

Most businesses have an online component so the applications go far beyond software adoption. Areas like HR and Healthcare are using personalized video guided workflows to support annual open enrollment processes and help employees to select and utilize healthcare plans. Exaltive will be exhibiting at the HR Tech in Las Vegas this October.

Exaltive’s Video Guided Workflow engine works with the company’s existing HTML data, content, and forms to securely deliver the information when needed in the context of a video. Embedded Analytics collects and shares user behavioral data to help identify what parts and processes are most effective, allowing for continual improvement.

The online tools allow creative and technical teams collaborate to build amazing experiences that play exquisitely on iPhone along with android, desktops and tablets. Additionally, Exaltive’s in-house technical and creative services are available to help business discover and apply this new technology.

About Exaltive
Exaltive is a first of its kind technology for helping businesses to better connect with their prospects, customers, and employees by applying the unique power of video to guide the functional needs of websites and applications in an immersive single screen experience. For more information and examples, visit www.exaltive.com

Saru Sawaikar
General Manager- Marketing and Strategy
Exaltive Inc
Ph: (510) 991 7766