Interactive Videos Boost Sales: 8 simple ways you should definitely know

Video increases purchase intent by 97%! Wow, that’s excellent. You have witnessed exponential growth of videos as a medium of choice by people seeking information, quick knowledge and much more. And, when it becomes interactive and personalized, it increases the viewer’s attention and engagement manifold.

Personalized Interactive video is the next big future trend for improved demand generation & sales enablement.

Exaltive hosted an insightful webinar on “8 Ways to Drive Sales with Personalized Video Marketing” on Thursday, December 17, 2015. Attendees gained insights on how to leverage the power of Personalized Interactive Video for telling your product story uniquely. Also, the new ways to enhance customer engagement, improve conversions and boost sales.


Key Takeaways:

  • Sales and Marketing challenges in the digital marketplace
  • Power of Interactivity-Personalization-Customization-Analytics (IPCA) to drive sales
    • Interactivity- The power of choice
    • Personalization- Relevant experience
    • Customization- Exclusively for you
    • Analytics- Meaningful insights
  • 5 Easy steps for winning customers

Thank you for the great response to this special webinar!

You can view the presentation and the webinar video here