Interactive Video Tutorials

The key to winning user adoption is the transition of a new user from a curious spectator to an active participant.
This means helping the user answer two questions:

  • How do I use this?
  • What can I do with it?

Creating effective tutorials can address both questions by easing the user into the software and helping them to get comfortable while completing simple exercises that are indicative of the practical use cases for your application.

Exaltive Interactive Video Tutorials

The challenge remains, how to conduct a tutorial?
Step-by-step instructions can be boring; a video is engaging but it is disconnected from the application.

What if the application could show us how to use it by viewing a video that includes the application and exercises right inside itself?
This way, the new user could follow along with the guidance and access it from there. The user could move onto the next step, building new skills and comfort level with each exercise.

Exaltive’s video driven tutorials create this kind of user experience.

While the exact implementations can vary by application, there are some common practices.
Typically starting from scratch on a new thing within an application is daunting. “Let’s build a new [Fill in the Blank]” is a lot to take in. A gentler approach is to introduce users to an existing project and have them modify one part. Users can then advance with more difficult exercises as they move on.

The video can use the “Show and Try” approach where users are first shown an example through the video, then they can try it themselves on the real versions of the forms they just saw.

Other features like in-video menus and navigation allow users to move through the exercises at their own pace. Supplemental information can be added with annotations, click and reveal content, or video-in-video to share in-depth explanations of specific topics.

Exaltive’s interactive video tutorials lets you move new users from spectators to active participant in less time.

If you have an application in mind, contact us now. Our customer success team can assess the learning and technical needs to see which interactive video guided tutorial is the right approach for your needs.