Interactive Video – The Next Big Thing for Enterprise Learning


Interactive Learning Video

Nowadays, employees are learning continuously to expand their abilities and upgrade their skills. Use of videos within enterprises has increased manifold in the past decade and 93% of companies use video for multiple use cases that includes learning, knowledge sharing, and onboarding. There is a growing demand for video based learning. Interactive videos present significant potential for improving learner’s engagement. Interactivity defines a ‘dialogue’ between learners and videos through which learners become engaged and involved in the learning process

The impact of interactive videos on learners is ten times more than the impact of learning through a normal video. Engaging the user and taking user inputs, makes learning more meaningful and satisfactory. As per our internal research and statistics, interactive videos are applicable to 60% of corporate learning use cases and 50% of onboarding use cases. Below are some of the use cases explained for interactive videos.

Corporate Training:

Quality of corporate training plays vital role in maximize the effectiveness of learning. In a formal corporate training, interactive videos can be used to to conduct different training programs such as soft skills development, leadership training, product training, sales training etc. To develop an interactive video for corporate training, it is important to frame the interaction around audience perspective and to focus on the message one wants to convey. Below is an example of a training video converted into an interactive video. Interactivities added to video include are label, questions (to make learners think through), quizz ( to judge the understanding), link, image and menu (for navigation).


When a new hire joins an organization, it is really hard to convey everything about the organization through just presentations, and there interactive video comes into the picture. Interactive video with all the information that a new hire requires is a way to make onboarding process much easier. Adding fun and interactivity in onboarding and training videos keeps your new hires engaged. Below is an example of a personalized interactive video to help new hires to select their benefit plans as a part of benefits enrolment which is one major part in the onboarding process. It includes interactivities such as questions to gather employee’s information, menu to go to specific section of video, directly skip via button click, and embedded video to go to more details [PS2]

To conclude, interactive video presents opportunities for L&D departments and onboarding teams to increase the successful completion of programs and ROI. With right interactivity embedded within enterprise video use cases, employees get relevant information. This results into increased job satisfaction and performance.

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