Immersive Onboarding – a new web video experience

If you think about it, the video gaming industry has been building fully immersive onboarding experiences for years, where sophisticated hardware and gaming engines walk users through a setup and train them to play the game.

If you are driving a web application, creating a rich, immersive onboarding experience for your new users has not been a technically viable option, until now.

With Exaltive’s Video Guided Workflows, it is now possible to create a new user experience that both guides the user and collects input on the same screen, all within a browser.

The secret is Exaltive’s toolset and APIs that allow you to take a base video and leverage HTML5 to merge it with your application controls.
The result is a video storyline that can deliver your message, re-enforce your brand, and ensure the users complete your forms, placed on the video as interactive components.
Exaltive’s built-in navigation controls allow you to manage how the users progress through the process, using video looping to wait while users complete a form, branching to new sections based on inputs, and support for validations or other interface to your applications.

An immersive experience creates a far more lasting memorable experience for the user.
Besides just being easier to complete, the video uses text, voice, music and images to engage more of the user’s all senses.
It can also create a personal experience asking to having a guide walk you through the process.
The combination of all these elements makes an long lasting impression.

For the first time, Exaltive’s Video Driven Workflows give designers an entirely new way to interact with the users on the web.
We are eager to see the types of amazing new experiences that will be built when creative teams start to stretch the boundaries of what an immersive web based experience can be.

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