Highlights from Exaltive Speaker Session at FocusOn Learning 2016- Interactive Videos, Video Analytics: Turning Learner Attention into Engagement

Digitization has changed the face of modern learning industry, be it the academic or corporate learning. Video based learning is a key player in delivering constructive and superior learning experiences across all the digital platforms.

Although there is a lot of buzz about video learning, traditional, single track learning fails to capture the viewer attention. It pushes the viewers into passive mode and achieving learner engagement becomes a challenge. Moreover, there are limitations on the ability to measure learner engagement on these video.


Interactive and Personalized Video based Learning is a new advancement changing the landscape of Learning & Development altogether. FocusOn Learning Conference and Expo is one of the biggest e-learning conferences held in Texas this year, from June 8th to 10th. The conference focus was trends and technologies that are changing the approaches to training. Exaltive conducted a speaker session at the ‘FocusOn Video Program’.

The session shared insights on how an interactive video learning experience gives the power of choice, fosters collaboration, and promotes increased knowledge retention. The session explained how existing or new videos can be enriched with feedback personalization (such as Q&A, branching, quizzes, and surveys) and the factors to consider when onboarding an interactive video program. The major highlight of the session was how analytics driven by interactions, captured using the xAPI, can help measure learner behavior and effectiveness of the program to further fine-tune the overall learning experience.

Around 1200 attendees from across the world attended the conference. The conference proved to be an exceptional platform to all the attendees to witness learning in the connected world with disruptive technologies like mobile, video, and performance support. ‘FocusOn Learning Video program’, focused on the advancements in video technology for enhanced learning and performance. The Expo was again a great opportunity to explore the vendors offering leading learning technologies, tools, products, and services along with the ‘DemoFest’ that featured real world learning projects.

You can view the Exaltive speaker session presentation below. We are happy to help you achieve your new age learning goals; get your own interactive video demo now. Email us at info@exaltive.com