Got questions? Here are the most frequently answered about Exaltive Interactive Video Guided Workflows. Feel free to contact us for more.

Does Exaltive create videos?

No, Exaltive adds interactions to existing videos. The Exaltive designer starts by using a web-hosted video from any of a number of sources and adds interactive features like annotations, navigation, images, video clips, and many other elements.

Is Exaltive secure?

Yes, the Exaltive interactive player is embedded on your page, allowing it to work directly with the data and forms on your page. Your data never leaves your site and is never hosted on Exaltive Servers.

Where is my data stored?

Exaltive does not store your data. Our technology enables us to work with data and content that is already on your web site. Our interactive video player displays your web page data and input forms, on the video at specific times you define, through the Exaltive design tool.

Where is Exaltive Hosted?

Exaltive is a cloud based application hosted on Amazon Cloud Services. Exaltive is configured to leverage Amazon’s high availability features to ensure consistent uptime and performance.

Where can the video files be hosted?

Exaltive works with YouTube, Vimeo, and Kaltura hosted files. Additionally, it works with any .mp4 files that are URL addressable. Exaltive also provides an option to host video files, if need be.

Each hosting option has its unique advantages that should be considered when selecting the right option for your application.

Can I host Exaltive on my server?

Exaltive’s export add-on feature allows you to export all of the files for a video or guided workflow so that the files can be hosted on your server. All video editing is done on the Exaltive tools prior to exporting the files for local hosting.

Where is analytics data hosted?

Exaltive hosts the user analytics data and makes information accesible through its dashboards and reports. Analytics data never contains personal or private information.

Does Exaltive support iPhone?

Yes. Videos hosted on Exaltive will play in the Safari Browsers on iPhone 4s and above. For best results, the Exaltive designer provides tools to check whether your interactive features will look good on the smaller screen sizes of an iPhone or not.

Why don’t YouTube and Vimeo hosted Exaltive videos work on an iPhone?

iPhone requires special video encoding in order to support interactions. Files must be loaded on Exaltive or Kaltura in order to support playing on iPhone.

Will Exaltive work on my native iOS or Android APP?

Exaltive’s interactive video player is based on HTML5 technology and can work with apps through an in-app browser, or a link out to the browser.

What if my needs do not match your pricing packages?

Exaltive team can work to create a bundle of services that match your specific needs.

Will Exaltive replace Camtasia, BrainShark or other video creation software?

Exaltive can use videos created from any of these tools and turn them into interactive videos with features that will enhance the videos for the viewer.

What skills are needed to use Exaltive Designer?

Exaltive designer was created to let anyone with basic computer skills make an interactive video. Adding annotations, images, navigation, links, etc. is simple and our interactive training guides make it easy to learn.

Using more advanced video guided workflow features will require some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

Will I lose all my interactive videos if I cancel my subscription?

No, if you cancel your paid subscription, we will automatically convert your account to a free version and all your videos will remain intact and accessible to you. Please note that not all features are supported in the free version, but you can re-activate your account anytime to use the advanced features such as video guided workflows.

Can I keep my Exaltive videos private?

Yes, Exaltive’s privacy and embedding options ensure that you can make your videos available to only those people with access to your web site or page.

Who can view my videos?

Exaltive provides a wide number of options for sharing your videos, including embedding on your website, sharing through social media, sharing through email, or sharing on your corporate web site.

How can I manage access to a large number of videos?

Exaltive’s video content management features allow you to manage distribution and access through channels. You can create channels to share a collection of videos with a specific audience or subject. You can even embed channels into your web site and easily update the content.

Does Exaltive provide video creation services?

Yes, Exaltive professional services team can help produce your video with a number of different styles and cost options. Contact us for more details.

Do I have to use Exaltive services to create my video?

No. You can create your video through any means. If you are looking for specific video skills, ask us about our partner network.

Can Exaltive help me build a video driven workflow?

Yes, Exaltive’s technical professional services team can assist with specific development efforts to fit your requirements. Contact us for more details.

Is customer support included in the pricing?

Yes, Exaltive pricing includes support to help ensure your project is a success. Our video guided workflow options include storyboard creation to ensure you’re taking full advantage of all that Exaltive has to offer.

Do you support third party vendors such as Creative Agencies, Web Designers, Developers, etc.?

Yes, Exaltive has pricing and features that allow service agencies to use Exaltive tools to build amazing video experience for their customers. Contact us for more details.

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