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Interactive Video – Emerging technology trends


As per HubSpot’s statistics, 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a concept, than read text on a page and 62% of businesses have an explainer video. There are many such statistic available which show that video is most consumed media and is becoming stronger with next upgradation that is Interactive video. Till now, people have only really been able to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward a video. But technology has changed and since the last couple of years, Interactive video has changed that picture. This is the latest technology which combines video content with user input, allowing viewers to take a wide range of actions while watching video content.

What is an Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a type of video that supports user interactions in the form of clickable areas, questions, calculations, voting polls and many more that performs some action when user clicks on them. Any video can be made interactive by adding these interactions in many ways. This increases the user engagement which makes the video more impactful.

Type of Interactions:

Interactions come in many forms. One can use any form of interaction that suits their requirement. Below diagram depicts the types of interactivities that can be added in a video.

Choosing the Interactions for effective interactive video:

As per human psychology, people remember more about what they do instead of what they read or what they see. Interactive video presents several opportunities to introduce engaging, interactive visuals inside the video and make video more effective and powerful. Choosing the interaction and placing it in a right way in the video has huge impact on the learning experience. While creating interactions, one needs to go through below parameters-

◦    What: Find out the what message you want to convey to viewers and create annotations with best suited text, words and captions. This will help to get the attention of users.

◦    How: Choose right interactions as per the need of a learning program. As lots of interactions are available and each one has its own strengths, one needs to choose interactions perfectly. For example, use of ‘Quiz’ interaction for measuring knowledge, use of ‘Poll’ interaction to take view from users etc.

◦    Where: It is also important to manage the interaction time to keep users engaged. It is useful if interactions are placed at certain interval and according to video content.

◦    Analyze: Tracking the interaction is necessary as it helps to identify the learners’ decision and to find out the effectiveness of Interactive video design which further helps to improve the design strategy.

When Interactivity is used in a right way, it gives an outstanding result. With this amazing and exciting technology, Interactive Video becomes the most useful tool for everyone who wants to convey message to audience in an engaging way. Video has moved from hitting only Play button to displaying content depending on users’ input making it surely the emerging trend in videos.

Does this sound interesting? Do you want to boost your product’s adoption in an interesting way? If yes, then try our own ‘Exaltive’ Interactive Video product, which provides a solution on desktop as well as any device and engages your users. Happy Interactivity !!!!


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Interactive Video – The Next Big Thing for Enterprise Learning


Interactive Learning Video

Nowadays, employees are learning continuously to expand their abilities and upgrade their skills. Use of videos within enterprises has increased manifold in the past decade and 93% of companies use video for multiple use cases that includes learning, knowledge sharing, and onboarding. There is a growing demand for video based learning. Interactive videos present significant potential for improving learner’s engagement. Interactivity defines a ‘dialogue’ between learners and videos through which learners become engaged and involved in the learning process

The impact of interactive videos on learners is ten times more than the impact of learning through a normal video. Engaging the user and taking user inputs, makes learning more meaningful and satisfactory. As per our internal research and statistics, interactive videos are applicable to 60% of corporate learning use cases and 50% of onboarding use cases. Below are some of the use cases explained for interactive videos.

Corporate Training:

Quality of corporate training plays vital role in maximize the effectiveness of learning. In a formal corporate training, interactive videos can be used to to conduct different training programs such as soft skills development, leadership training, product training, sales training etc. To develop an interactive video for corporate training, it is important to frame the interaction around audience perspective and to focus on the message one wants to convey. Below is an example of a training video converted into an interactive video. Interactivities added to video include are label, questions (to make learners think through), quizz ( to judge the understanding), link, image and menu (for navigation).


When a new hire joins an organization, it is really hard to convey everything about the organization through just presentations, and there interactive video comes into the picture. Interactive video with all the information that a new hire requires is a way to make onboarding process much easier. Adding fun and interactivity in onboarding and training videos keeps your new hires engaged. Below is an example of a personalized interactive video to help new hires to select their benefit plans as a part of benefits enrolment which is one major part in the onboarding process. It includes interactivities such as questions to gather employee’s information, menu to go to specific section of video, directly skip via button click, and embedded video to go to more details [PS2]

To conclude, interactive video presents opportunities for L&D departments and onboarding teams to increase the successful completion of programs and ROI. With right interactivity embedded within enterprise video use cases, employees get relevant information. This results into increased job satisfaction and performance.

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Highlights from Exaltive Speaker Session at FocusOn Learning 2016- Interactive Videos, Video Analytics: Turning Learner Attention into Engagement

Digitization has changed the face of modern learning industry, be it the academic or corporate learning. Video based learning is a key player in delivering constructive and superior learning experiences across all the digital platforms.

Although there is a lot of buzz about video learning, traditional, single track learning fails to capture the viewer attention. It pushes the viewers into passive mode and achieving learner engagement becomes a challenge. Moreover, there are limitations on the ability to measure learner engagement on these video.


Interactive and Personalized Video based Learning is a new advancement changing the landscape of Learning & Development altogether. FocusOn Learning Conference and Expo is one of the biggest e-learning conferences held in Texas this year, from June 8th to 10th. The conference focus was trends and technologies that are changing the approaches to training. Exaltive conducted a speaker session at the ‘FocusOn Video Program’.

The session shared insights on how an interactive video learning experience gives the power of choice, fosters collaboration, and promotes increased knowledge retention. The session explained how existing or new videos can be enriched with feedback personalization (such as Q&A, branching, quizzes, and surveys) and the factors to consider when onboarding an interactive video program. The major highlight of the session was how analytics driven by interactions, captured using the xAPI, can help measure learner behavior and effectiveness of the program to further fine-tune the overall learning experience.

Around 1200 attendees from across the world attended the conference. The conference proved to be an exceptional platform to all the attendees to witness learning in the connected world with disruptive technologies like mobile, video, and performance support. ‘FocusOn Learning Video program’, focused on the advancements in video technology for enhanced learning and performance. The Expo was again a great opportunity to explore the vendors offering leading learning technologies, tools, products, and services along with the ‘DemoFest’ that featured real world learning projects.

You can view the Exaltive speaker session presentation below. We are happy to help you achieve your new age learning goals; get your own interactive video demo now. Email us at

Building Customer Loyalty with Personalized Communications

In this digital era, organizations are transforming themselves by implementing newer digital strategies to reach potential customers and accomplish their expectations. A digital customer anticipates ‘The power of choice’ and expects the brands to deliver experiences that are tailored to their requirements and individual behaviors.

And yes, ‘Loyalty programs’ are a key for winning digital customers across multiple channels. It also helps to build a strong customer-brand connect, retain customers and get repeated buyers. According to a recent Customer Loyalty Statistics, 76% of Americans think that loyalty programs are part of their relationships with brands, the number says it all!

Making your Loyalty programs a fun experience

In the journey towards customer success, effective customer communication is an integral component of the brand that drives success. Communication channels have evolved over the years and lately, video has pushed the conversions higher for a broader, fast paced, digital transformation. 70% of marketers state that video converts better than any other medium. It permeates across vast majority of business needs, sectors and communication channels and just imagine this video being Personalized and Interactive. Wow! This is something that would amaze your viewers and they will fall in love with your brand.


Ensuring the success of your brand loyalty programs with Personalized Interactive Video

Wondering how personalized interactive video can add a value to your Loyalty Programs?

  • Offer personalized/tailored promotions- People are intended to draw things that are customized to them. A smart video can combine the information you have on record for your customers and personalize the video for each of them. With this dynamic personalization feature, you can actually tailor your promotional messages based on the demographic characteristics, buying habits, etc.

  • Better engagement with video- Interactive video is a fun way to engage your customers. Consider a scenario where a base video is playing having interactivity options, where certain viewer inputs are required to be filled. Based on these inputs and the reward points available, you can play a complementary product video for each customer. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Let your customers’ select their own path- Do not push your offers and brand messages to viewers. Help them deal with the information overload by giving them a power to select. Adding Interactive elements in the video allows viewers to engage with the video and make their own selections.

  • Modify based on the analytics– Leverage the power of video analytics to get insights on how your current program is performing. Continue with this strategy if you are getting expected results and you can always revise the programs based on your customer’s behavior and feedback.

  • Capturing mobile customers– Cisco forecasts, mobile video will represent 69% of mobile traffic by 2018. Personalized Video on mobile creates an amazing viewing experience for buyers and they can redeem their rewards directly on phone.

  • Saving money to reinvest– The money you will save in printing and distribution of cards can be reinvested in other promotional marketing activities

The more you know about your customers, the more personalized offers you can send to them, which is exactly what the customer needs for an exceptional experience. In addition, a video is the best digital channel to capture user attention and deliver brand messages more effectively.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to shake hands with this new generation video technology. Make your own personalized video today. Sign up for a free demo now!

Exaltive is Now Available on The Learning Exchange

The eLearning Guild recently announced an exciting new way to share and learn – The Learning Exchange. The Learning Exchange encourages Guild members to learn from each other based on their experiences. The Exchange is based on the concept of video based learning. One can share/upload videos for others to learn from. It also enables members to collaborate amongst themselves on various topics.

Exaltive is also available as a course on the Exchange now. Read More

The Tipping Point for Interactive Video?

As I write this, YouTube videos are being viewed over four billion times every day. Add to that, numerous other sources of videos, and it is not hard to notice the explosion of videos all around.  Whether you want to entertain yourself, or learn something quickly, or check out a product, or watch a piece of news, the preferred medium is videos.

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When Fashion Tutorials Meet Exaltive

Have a look at this video – “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!”  
Judging from this video’s almost 30 million views, it appears everyone would agree that it is a very effective fashion training video. Going by the popularity and effectiveness of this video, the Exaltive team decided to enhance it using Exaltive. I would be delighted to say that this video served as a great example of how an effective video can be made even better when it is made interactive. The Exaltive interactive version of the video would get you the effective training benefit in about 1.5 minutes, i.e. about 3x faster than the original video. Let’s look at how this happened. Read More