Building Customer Loyalty with Personalized Communications

In this digital era, organizations are transforming themselves by implementing newer digital strategies to reach potential customers and accomplish their expectations. A digital customer anticipates ‘The power of choice’ and expects the brands to deliver experiences that are tailored to their requirements and individual behaviors.

And yes, ‘Loyalty programs’ are a key for winning digital customers across multiple channels. It also helps to build a strong customer-brand connect, retain customers and get repeated buyers. According to a recent Customer Loyalty Statistics, 76% of Americans think that loyalty programs are part of their relationships with brands, the number says it all!

Making your Loyalty programs a fun experience

In the journey towards customer success, effective customer communication is an integral component of the brand that drives success. Communication channels have evolved over the years and lately, video has pushed the conversions higher for a broader, fast paced, digital transformation. 70% of marketers state that video converts better than any other medium. It permeates across vast majority of business needs, sectors and communication channels and just imagine this video being Personalized and Interactive. Wow! This is something that would amaze your viewers and they will fall in love with your brand.


Ensuring the success of your brand loyalty programs with Personalized Interactive Video

Wondering how personalized interactive video can add a value to your Loyalty Programs?

  • Offer personalized/tailored promotions- People are intended to draw things that are customized to them. A smart video can combine the information you have on record for your customers and personalize the video for each of them. With this dynamic personalization feature, you can actually tailor your promotional messages based on the demographic characteristics, buying habits, etc.

  • Better engagement with video- Interactive video is a fun way to engage your customers. Consider a scenario where a base video is playing having interactivity options, where certain viewer inputs are required to be filled. Based on these inputs and the reward points available, you can play a complementary product video for each customer. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Let your customers’ select their own path- Do not push your offers and brand messages to viewers. Help them deal with the information overload by giving them a power to select. Adding Interactive elements in the video allows viewers to engage with the video and make their own selections.

  • Modify based on the analytics– Leverage the power of video analytics to get insights on how your current program is performing. Continue with this strategy if you are getting expected results and you can always revise the programs based on your customer’s behavior and feedback.

  • Capturing mobile customers– Cisco forecasts, mobile video will represent 69% of mobile traffic by 2018. Personalized Video on mobile creates an amazing viewing experience for buyers and they can redeem their rewards directly on phone.

  • Saving money to reinvest– The money you will save in printing and distribution of cards can be reinvested in other promotional marketing activities

The more you know about your customers, the more personalized offers you can send to them, which is exactly what the customer needs for an exceptional experience. In addition, a video is the best digital channel to capture user attention and deliver brand messages more effectively.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to shake hands with this new generation video technology. Make your own personalized video today. Sign up for a free demo now!