Beyond interactive storytelling

Interactive storytelling was one of the first applications for interactive video, but today it has evolved into a truly functional business tool with Exaltive’s Video Guided Workflows.


Interactive storytelling is a fun way to engage a user in a story by letting them select the path that the story will take, from a number of pre-scripted outcomes. This technology has been used for entertainment, brand awareness, advertising, and much more. Studies have confirmed that when users interact with a video, their attention and long-term retention go way up.

Video guided workflow takes the power to grab and hold attention, and applies it to practical uses by adding user inputs. It allows viewer interactions to do more than just change the story. By placing a form into the flow of the video, viewer attention can be focused to accomplish specific tasks such as new user registration, setup processes, onboarding, and much more.

Exaltive’s workflow engine allows a video embedded on a page to interact directly with other forms, content, images and features of that web page. Video can be personalized and the flow can be adapted based on the viewer data and inputs. The result is a unique user experience where powerful video content can engage, inform and inspire users to complete tasks.

While powerful on a desktop, the benefits really take hold in mobiles where the video can deliver messages far more effectively. Video Guided Workflows can both deliver the message, and collect input in a simple, single screen experience.

It is exciting to see how interactive video has evolved into a truly powerful tool, helping both business and consumers.

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