Interactive Videos – A Step Ahead

In my last blog, I introduced you to interactive videos, videos that go beyond play, pause, rewind and forward, videos that are capable of fast navigation, informative overlays, and interactions that engage the user; videos that let you search for what you need and help you learn what’s important. That was the starting point for Exaltive.

With its latest release, Exaltive has gone a step ahead and introduced a set of new features which are interactive in every sense and give control to the viewer. A quick summary of these features:

  • Embed Video – This feature lets you embed a video within another video.  The main video can pause to view this, or better yet, add a button so the viewer can decide when to view additional information. What’s the use? Well, you can hold the viewer’s focus and attention. If the viewer hops to different web pages or other videos, there is always a possibility of them digressing from the main video. The real value is the ability to add deeper context and information and let the user decide if they want to see this with a button click. This allows you to put much more detail without the viewer needing to wait for stuff that is not relevant to them. When I tried my hand at this feature, I particularly liked that I could even select and embed just a small relevant part of a YouTube video to give my main video more interest.
  • Loop back – This feature lets you create a video loop with a counter. There are lots of ways to use this for navigation but my favorite is for menus.  I can create a menu of navigation buttons that lets the user decide what is important to watch. A short loop back while the menu displays is much more interesting than a pause.  Viewers can click into a specific section and when done, the video will auto loopback to the menu. In many ways this is like creating a video driven web page. With this feature, you can emphasize on the required sections of the video again and again. In learning context, this is a very effective way to re-enforce, right?
  • Analytics – This feature tracks how often a video is being viewed and also the viewer engagement with the video. It can tell you how many times an interaction on top of a video has been viewed. This feature could be used from the analytics button on top of the video. Here are the sample analytics for the scarf video:And yeah, since the whole world has turned digitally social now, you can share your Exaltive videos on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too, and people can learn exploring the interactive feats you have added. Have fun with this different kind of social networking.

Catch these easy to use features in action in this Exaltive sample.

Surfing Sample Interactive Videos

For a hands-on experience, visit and get started. Do share if you like these features and find them useful.